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Agrotest Laboratory is a modern agrochemical laboratory established in Ukraine in 2004 by a group of highly qualified chemists specializing in agrochemical analysis.
Agrotest Laboratory provides a full range of services related to traditional and precision agriculture, namely:

  • Recommendations for soil sampling for traditional and precision agriculture
  • Sampling of soil for precision and traditional agriculture
  • Complex soil analysis
  • Recommendations for fertilizer application (in active substance)
  • Mapping
  • Plant analysis

The client receives the results of the analysis and recommendations for fertilizing the planned harvest (most importantly).

We will teach you how to interpret the analysis and understand the recommendations (how and when to apply fertilizers).

Our mentor and colleague are Raymond Ward. His knowledge, experience and principles of work of Ward Lab underlie the work of the laboratory “Agrotest”: its equipment, methods and calculations.

The fertilizer recommendations are the result of 18 years of working with different crops on different types of soils, with experimental “landfills” in different regions of Ukraine, many years of customer feedback and field history.

The methods and procedures used in our laboratory meet all national and international standards. Each operation must be subject to multi-level verification. Modern equipment and high-quality reagents from the world’s leading manufacturers provide the highest accuracy, and most importantly reliability.

All laboratory staff – qualified chemists with extensive practical experience in analytical chemistry, are recognized experts in the analysis of soils and plants.

Our specialists have repeatedly passed internships in foreign agrochemical laboratories, take an active part in international scientific and practical seminars, symposiums and conferences. Articles written by the staff of the Agrotest laboratory are constantly published in modern agricultural journals and modern agricultural portals.

The rich practical experience of the laboratory specialists contributed to the creation of the School of Modern Agronomist, which is held annually and is a success among modern farmers.

The laboratory is accredited by the state enterprise “UkrMetrTestStandard”.

In 2017, Agrotest Laboratory joined the CTS system under the ALP program – an international system for monitoring the results of laboratories for soil and plant analysis.

High quality of analysis, processing of results, experience, multi-level verification, membership in international control programs, speed of obtaining analysis results allows our clients to know everything about their fields and make informed decisions in a timely manner.




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