Substantiated decisions with Agrotest Laboratory

Laboratory established in Ukraine in 2004 by a group of highly qualified chemists – specialists in the field of agrochemical analysis. Agrotest Laboratory provides a full range of services related to traditional and precision farming, namely:

  • Recommendations for soil sampling for traditional and precision farming
  • Sampling of soil for precision and traditional agriculture
  • Complex analysis of soil
  • Recommendations for fertilizer application (in the active substance)
  • Mapping
  • Development of technical task for differentiated application of mineral fertilizers (for precision agriculture)
  • Development of a technical task for differentiated seeding
  • Analysis of plant material
  • Calculation of productive moisture

The client receives the results of soil analysis and recommendations for fertilizing the planned harvest. We will teach you how to interpret the analysis and understand the recommendations, and tell you exactly what fertilizers, how and when to apply. Our mentor and colleague is Raymond Ward. His knowledge, experience and principles of work of Ward Lab underlie the work of the laboratory “Agrotest”: its equipment, methods and calculations. The fertilizer recommendations are the result of 18 years of working with different crops on different types of soils, with experimental “proving ground” in different regions of Ukraine, many years of customer feedback and field history.

About us

Experienced team of experts

All laboratory staff – qualified chemists with extensive practical experience in analytical chemistry, are recognized experts in the analysis of soils and plants.



Founder of the "Agrotest" laboratory, Ph.D., associate professor of KNU



Direcror, specialist on soil and plant analysis.



Chemist, specialist on soil and plant analysis.



Chemist, specialist on soil and plant analysis.



Honorary employee of the “Agrotest” laboratory


On December 15, 2004 the Agrotest Analytical Laboratory was accredited by the State Enterprise Ukrmetrteststandard.


Every year the equipment of the Agrotest laboratory is calibrated and certified by the State Enterprise Ukrmetrstandart.


Professional programs

Since 2017, Agrotest Laboratory has reached the level and capabilities of US laboratories. Namely, it is part of the Collaborative Testing Services system under the Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency Program (ALP), which ensures the inclusion of Agrotest Analytical Laboratory in the international system of monitoring the results of laboratories for soil and plant analysis.


The Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency (ALP) Program is an in-service training program for agrochemical agricultural laboratories that gives laboratories a more reliable and useful way to evaluate their work. Combining many years of extensive experience in conducting interlaboratory programs in the field of agricultural testing, the ALP program offers a wide range of soil, plant and water analyzes. The scope of this program allows agrochemical laboratories to constantly monitor most of their activities, which is crucial for staffing, equipment maintenance and training. Colaborative Testing Services, Inc. (CTS) and its representatives prepare test samples, interpret the collected data and compile a consolidated report. After processing the data obtained, the CTS generates and disseminates this report, which contains the results for all samples for which laboratories submit data during the test cycle. CTS is well known for its clear, concise and effective reports, but sometimes laboratories may need more guidance. Therefore, CTS can help such laboratories interpret their results, as well as provide technical support to improve laboratory performance.

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How the Agrotest laboratory works

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