Recommendations for the selection of plant samples for chemical analysis

Where to take it?

In no case should you place the selected plant mass samples for a long time in closed plastic containers.

A clean paper envelope or any other paper container is perfect for transferring the selected plant samples to the laboratory.

Selected plant samples should be delivered to the laboratory for analysis as soon as possible.

What to choose


  • With clear signs of nutrient deficiency for a long time;
  • With dead tissue;
  • Mechanically damaged;
  • With the signs of the disease;
  • Damaged by insects;
    Should not be included in the general representative sample of plants.

When to select

The optimal time for selection of plant mass is the time of flowering. As the plant grows, the amount of nutrients changes.

In the case of selection of plant material before the recommended time, the number of nutrients as a result of chemical analysis will be more, if selection is carried out later than the stage of grain formation, the number of nutrients will be less than at the flowering stage.

For each culture, the stage of selection and the part of the plant to be selected are strictly defined.

You can download a detailed scheme for selecting plant material for chemical analysis below

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