Agrotest: analysis of soil and plants. here and now!

Good day!

My name is Oleg Maslov and I am the director of the Analytical Laboratory Agrotest. For 11 years now, I have been doing soil analysis and 3 years of plant analysis. But this will not go about it. Rather, it’s not entirely about it.

Everyone knows that the world is changing, our lives are changing, and we are changing! And, of course, well, when things appear in our life (or now fashionable to speak – devaysy) make our life easier and better! For such handy devices, let’s say `Thank you! ‘For the technologies we use.

So in our Laboratory: the world is changing – we are also changing!

First, I would like to start with the fact that we (as the Laboratory) have replenished their fleet of vehicles (if you like it!). The language, of course, is about analytical devices! The AgroTest Analytical Laboratory has two new devices, no analogues in Ukraine! Do not you believe – And this is true!

Secondly, starting in 2016, our Laboratory has entered the CTS (Collaborative Testing Service, USA) under the ALP program (Agricultural Laboratory Profiency Program)! And what? – You ask. Or we answer that now Agrotech Analytical Laboratory is a member of the international quality control program of the analytical laboratories for soil and plant analysis! And, accordingly, analyzes conducted in the laboratory! And this means that our results are confirmed by an international quality certificate! Well, what’s impressive? I’m sure the answer is yes!

And thirdly, our laboratory has changed the approach of working with the client: now the client chooses the ‘package’ of analyzes that he needs! To analyze the soil of such packages, we have three:

Basic (includes: soil acidity, soil salinity, organic matter of soil, nitrate nitrogen, available phosphorus, exchangeable forms of potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, cation exchange capacity, sulfate sulfur)
Comprehensive (Basis Package + mechanical composition of soil and trace elements – zinc, manganese, copper, iron, cobalt)
Complex Plus (Complex + Boron and Molybdenum Package)
Of course, with a decrease in the set of analyzes, the cost of each such `package ‘will change accordingly!

And in the end I would like to note the following: in the title of this material there is a phrase here and now ‘. Why? And because it is here that we are at the Laboratory, in our beloved Ukraine (and not somewhere else!) And it is now` (and not in 20-30 days!), You will be able to receive complete and accurate information about your state of health. fields and cultures!

Love and respect Ukraine!

Love and respect yourself !!!

Here and now!

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