Determination of organic carbon in soil

Carbon Farming, Carbon Management, Carbon Token

These words are becoming more and more common in our lives. But what are they about?

They are about a new attitude of mankind to their activities!

The issue of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and the greenhouse effect is very acute and is being addressed at all levels, including the level of agricultural production.

“The Analytical Laboratory “Agrotest” introduces a new analysis – the determination of Organic Carbon in the soil, which is an integral part of these issues!

Now, in addition to the Total Organic Matter value (included in routine agrochemical analysis), you can also additionally determine the content of Organic Carbon and track what changes are happening to your soil!

The cost of analysis for Organic Carbon is 400 UAH/sample!

Also “Analytical Laboratory “Agrotest” starts a series of articles dedicated to Carbon Farming

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