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Soil analysis in Agrotest. Here and now!

Soil analysis in Agrotest. Here and now!

Summer! The time of harvesting and  fertilizing!
We are often asked: “How many fertilizers are we needed to collect the maximum yield?”
The  first thing you need to know to calculate the fertilizer application rate is the amount of nutrients in the soil. For this purpose, soil analysis should be carried out.
For some reason, many farmers often doubt whether to do soil analysis, explaining it with the fact that it is expensive and will not bring the result. In fact, soil analysis will save you money and increase productivity.Only soil analysis is the basis for building a plant nutrition system in crop rotation.
When analyse the soil? The sampling time of the soil – after harvesting, or before planting. An experienced agronomist will determine the optimal time for sample selection, in order to succeed in making recommended fertilizer laboratories.
The correctness of the results of the analysis also depends on the correctness of the sampling. Typically, samples are taken by the method of envelope, the section is visually divided into two diagonals, every 100-150 meters is dropped to a depth of 0-20 cm. All the selected soil is dropped into a plastic container, thoroughly mixed and about one kilogram passed to the laboratory.
Ordering agrochemical analysis of soil in the laboratory “Agrotest” you will receive:
– Detailed information on the actual level of fertility in your soil.
– Recommendations for fertilizing for crops and yield.
– You reduce or optimize the cost of purchasing fertilizers.
The time of analysis is 3 days!
Agrochemical analysis and recommendations for the introduction of fertilizers from the laboratory “Agrotest” will make it possible to make the right decision and use land resources efficiently.
You can order agrochemical analysis of the soil by contacting us by phone 0443906012. In all cases, applying to the Laboratory “Agrotest” with you are specialists who can competently answer all the questions you are interested in and suggest possible solutions to this or that situation.
Think not only about the present but also about the future!
Soil analysis in Agrotest! Here and now!

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